COP3 Mental Capacity Assessment

Our experienced psychiatrists and other assessors can complete a COP3 Mental Capacity assessment for submission to the Court of Protection. In some instances the COP3 capacity assessment can be conducted remotely. Please contact us for a quote.

How is a COP3 Capacity Assessment arranged?

The COP3 is the statutory form required by the Court of Protection for assessment of capacity. The form needs to be completed by an assessing clinical professional such as a psychiatrist. The COP3 form is accompanied by the COP1 application form when submitted to the Court of Protection.

COP3 Assessment – Where can I obtain a report?

A COP3 assessment can be provided by our service and is completed by a qualified psychiatrist who specialises in mental capacity. 

Who can complete the COP3 Mental Capacity form?

Typically this should be completed by a registered medical practitioner, for example the individual’s GP, a psychiatrist, an approved mental health professional – social worker – psychologist – nurse, or – occupational therapist who has examined and assessed the capacity of the person to whom the application relates.

In some circumstances it might be appropriate for a registered therapist, such as a speech therapist or occupational therapist, to complete the form. A COP3 capacity assessment requires specialist knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

If this is not achievable, an independent psychiatrist can provide a mental capacity report using the COP3 form.

What key information needs to be included in the COP3 Mental Capacity form?

The COP3 assessment of capacity includes description of the mental disorder impacting mental capacity, and the 4 stage mental capacity test. 

Also included are the solicitors details,  professional qualifications and practical experience of the assessor in terms of making assessments of capacity in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and associated Code of Practice.

How do you obtain a capacity assessment for deputyship?

A capacity assessment for deputyship can be performed using the COP3 form and is the formal name for the court appointed person who performs the role similar to a lasting power of attorney. A statutory will also typically uses the COP3 form to submit to the Court of Protection.

How much does it cost to complete a mental capacity assessment and COP3 Mental Capacity form?

This will depend on the background reading, complexity of the case and interview time. Please contact us for a quote.

Thank you so much for your professional, thorough and well prepared COP3 report for my father in law. It was extremely helpful and aided us in navigating the challenging process of obtaining power of attorney when dementia was starting to worsen.

Janet S, Gloucester

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